A few places still available for the Glass Bead Making workshop

24 May, 2021

Fabulous workshop opportunity - a rare opportunity in Cardwell by the Sea

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A rare WORKSHOP opportunity in Cardwell by the Sea to learn the art of creating glass beads - unique and original - glass lampwork.
This is only the second time in 20years that this workshop has been run in Cardwell and there are a few places still available.
May 29th 10am-3pm Members $30 Non Member $35
BOOK NOW call 0438 186334
Learn to make unique and wonderful jewellery
Glass beadmaking is among the oldest human arts, with the oldest known beads dating over 3,000 years.[1][2] Glass beads have been dated back to at least Roman times. Perhaps the earliest glass-like beads were Egyptian faience beads, a form of clay bead with a self-forming vitreous coating. Glass beads are significant in archaeology because the presence of glass beads often indicate that there was trade and that the beadmaking technology was being spread. In addition, the composition of the glass beads could be analyzed and help archaeologists understand the sources of the beads.[3] Wikipedia