Award winners - Cardwell Gallery 20 years Exhibition

4 July, 2021

Full list of award winners for 2021

Prize Winners

Cardwell Gallery – 20 Years Exhibition 2021

Overall Winner:

David Rowe Walking Away


Cat.A  -  Hung Works:

1st prize - Deb Clancy Horseshoe Bay Bowen

2nd  prize -Jason Taylor Cardwell Barra Catching

Highly Commended - David Rowe The Treasure & The Betrayed

Cat. B  -  New media:

1st Prize - Mitch A Lynn Isolation Still Life #18

2nd Prize - Buck Richardson   Birds of Paradise

Highly Commended - Buck Richardson Room for Magic Moths Lanterns

Cat. C  -  Sculpture & Objects

1st  Prize - Kimyka Wells Family

2nd  prize - David Rowe   Galactic Eye

Highly recommended: Jane Milanovic  Life in The Valley

Cat.D -  Youth Secondary

1st  Prize Charles McCullagh Self Portrait

2nd  Prize Charles McCullagh Bush Power

Cat. E -  Youth Primary

1st  Prize - Charlie Manno Kimberly Fishing

2nd  Prize - Jordan Manno Island Design

Highly Commended: Nate Ihle Frog on a Leaf

Special Mention Kennedy State School

Special Prizes: Angus Smith, Charles Parkes, Harmony Watson