Art Deco Streetscapes Exhibition

23 July, 2019

OPENING NIGHT - Friday Aug 2nd 6pm at Brearley's Bakery Join us for light refreshments and take a look at our artists and craft people's creations celebrating the Cassowary Coast's Art Deco Era

||||   ART DECO   ||||

In Support of Tropical Art Deco Weekend - Innisfail - Cassowary Coast -

The artists & members of Cardwell Gallery will be running  ART DECO Streetscapes Exhibitions

Opening Night  at  Brearley's Bakery 

August 2nd   6pm

refreshments will be served please join us for a fun end of the week 


come and enjoy our painters, potters and craft artists Art Deco creations

 celebrating the Art Deco towns of the Cassowary Coast