2018 AGM - NEW Committee

19 September, 2018

Thank you to all who came along to support our local art group and it is just wonderful to see new members along and involved in planning for the future.

Thankyou to all who attended our 2018 AGM - great to see so many joining us to plan for the future of our art group & gallery

Jane Arnold has finished her 8 year term as our secretary and we thank her sincerely for all her dedication and hard work over the years... Jane you have been efficient, persistent, stoic and kind throughout and we really all do thank you so much for your work - and we welcome Paisley Hammond (artist & designer) as our new secretary. We look forward to... working with you as you settle in as secretary - great to see a new face take up a role on our committee.

Publicity Officer Libby Clegg & President Noel Traharne presenting outgoing Secretary Jane Arnold with a thank you gift from the gallery


Paisley Hammond taking over the secretarial duties for Cardwell Gallery - Hinchinbrook Regional Arts Assoc Inc


Noel Traharne has agreed to remain at the helm and continue as our president - thank you Noel!
and... Judy Netterfield will continue as our ever reliable treasurer (a founder member of HRA & treasurer for oooo it must be nearing 17yrs) Thank you Judy!


Great to see new members Tracy Moore & Paisley Hammond and many of our hard working members and artists at our meeting & wonderful to have Councillor Glen Raleigh attending too (Glen is also a member of the RADF committee)