Celebrating Australia's Magnificent Wildlife

Exhibition Date: 16 September, 2020 to 9 November, 2020

Location: Cardwell Library Foyer Gallery

This exhibition celebrates not only wildlife but the launch of a wonderful artbook - Celebrating Australia's Magnificent Wildlife - the Art of Daryl Dickson, published by Exisle Publishing to be released worldwide in early October 2020

The exhibition showcases some of the artworks included in this wonderful book  by local artist Daryl Dickson  

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Celebrating Australia's Magnificent Wildlife - The Art of Daryl Dickson Tiny.jpg

Available in Hardback

Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife is a celebration of Daryl Dickson’s beautiful work. From black-winged stilts to

brushtail possums, see the variety and color of Australian wildlife contained in one wonderful book. Dickson’s passion for the conservation of wildlife and wild places has informed and inspired her work. She highlights the natural beauty of species that deserve to be saved in what is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the natural world.

The work of artists crosses borders, boundaries and language barriers. Painting wildlife does not need language to explain the essence of the beauty, landscape or movement of a creature. Witness the ancient tropical forests and majestic landscapes of northern Queensland, Australia — home to some of the world’s rarest and most fascinating species. View a lifetime of artworks, showcased in this large-format, beautifully designed book that is an essential addition to coffee tables everywhere.

also in Limited Edition

One for the collectors, this exquisite leatherette edition is limited to 100 copies only. Each book is numbered and signed by Daryl with its own unique artist mark so no two copies are the same, making this edition as rare as some of the species featured in its pages.