Pam Galeano

Many things inform and shape an artist’s life - family, experience, environment, theatre, community - Pam’s life has been rich and this is reflected in her work be that photography, drama or writing.

Pamela Galeano was born in Atherton north Queensland but has lived near the coast at Lower Tully since marrying farmer Joe Galeano in 1967. Joe's amazing knowledge of his environment has always been an inspiration for Pam. She and Joe have two children and two grandchildren.

Teaching was Pam's profession.  She spent the last fifteen years of that rewarding career at the local 2 Teacher school with the younger students.  However, she decided to retire early enough to try another career: children's writing.

Pam has previously self-published four picture books including the first in the 'Cassowary Coast' series. She is a member of the writing group Licuala WINQ and of many other north Queensland arts associations.

Over the years Pam's most absorbing hobby was amateur theatre.  Now she spends time on reading, bushwalking and nature photography.

Titles by author Pam Galeano

  • Glissandra the Glider
  • Elmo the Orphan
  • Hull River Rolley
  • Cassowary Coast Count on Country
  • Count Back on Country

Tel: (07) 4066 9240
Email: pamgaleano(at)