Lynne Hartley

Glass artist - artist profile coming soon

Lynne Hartley

...began her glass journey almost twenty years ago when visiting Asheville, North Carolina in the USA. It was there that she was introduced to Dichroic glass and the fascination of stunning colour and texture captivated her artistic ability.

Starting with jewellery then venturing onto other techniques favouring mostly the time-consuming intricacies of the medium.

Lynne has learnt from many of the glass masters, going to the United States many times, taking many classes.

Living in north Queensland and having the influences of the Great Barrier Reef drew her to a series of coral bowls made from finely ground glass powders.

Having a love of fabrics and sewing for decades inspired her to then go on to weave glass to resemble fabric. She also created Scottish clan tartan bowls and platters from the fine threads of 1mm glass to the same thread count of the tartan kilts.

Nature is another area of inspiration. Lynne creates delicate glass leaves, feathers and butterfly wings.

Lynne is happiest when pursuing her passion in her studio creating colourful glass art.