Kay Reading

Pottery..Mosaic and so much more

My journey with clay began many years ago when I decided to learn pottery & which I did for about 12 months but unfortunately my life was far too busy to continue due to Family & Work commitment.

When I retired for the 1st time, my Husband & I travelled throughout the NT & WA, we fell in love with Kimberley & decided to stay a while which turned out to be 9 years.

We began our adventure in Kununurra, after a while I was invited to join the local pottery group, well that was it, my passion was reignited, my designs took on a Kimberley feel, the magnificent Boab Trees appeared regularly on my work & the Kimberley colours & textures, what great inspiration!

After 5 years in the East Kimberley we moved to Broome, it was here that  KatieJ ‘Made in the Shade’ began, I was keen to share my love of pottery & regularly encouraged friends to spend an afternoon under my beautiful mango trees, where I held very informal workshops, free of charge of course. One of the most important lessons we learnt, was you need to drink the wine out of plastic flutes as clay hands are very slippery & it is truly amazing how much talent people have when they just relax, feel the clay & create. I was very fortunate to have a couple of good outlets & a great group of followers but all things come to an end & it was time to move on.

Queensland is home & after I retired for the 2nd time, we moved back. Cardwell & the Hinchinbrook Area, has been a favorite area of ours for a number of years, so we decided to make this beautiful little town our new home. Again the surrounding beauty & colours are so inspiring, so completely different to the Kimberley but so very amazing.

My Kiln & wheel have travelled almost as far around this country as me & thanks to a local electrician it is working better than ever & I am once again able to continue my love affair with clay.

And so the next chapter of my life begins.