Deb Clancy


 “I have a great love of the beach and water particularly in the tropics with many paintings representing places I have travelled to and loved. It is important to me that my work means something – a memory, a future place to visit or just a happy moment".

 Whilst enjoying painting and drawing at high school, a busy working and family life became the focus and priority for Deb though she did dabble a bit helping with illustrations for her children's school assignments.  It was a holiday in the Whitsundays that provided the inspiration to pick up a brush and start painting again.  Deb works with both oil and acrylic paint on mainly stretched canvas, though has ventured into painting on small surfboards, wood panels and the occasional coconut.

"I have enjoyed various art classes over the years and am still learning along the way. There is often a sketchbook and some pencils in the car when we travel. I am very grateful for the support of family and friends helping out with subject ideas and commission requests. They hand me a photo and say 'I'd like a painting of this please'."