Catherine Ogden

Pottery has led me down a path of constant research and intrigue

Artist Profile

 The beginning of my art making began when I joined a local art group with my neighbour in 2004. Before too long I found myself pursuing it further with a diploma in Fine art at the Barrier Reef TAFE which I completed in 2012.

 I did all the modules in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture but by the time I began pottery TAFE was closing the ceramic department, so in order for me to continue working with clay I joined North Queensland Potters Association (NQPA).

Since then I have mostly been self-taught, learning about all the various ways to fire clay, improving my throwing skills, hand building techniques, applying and making slips, firing kilns and glaze making.

My most recent line of exploration has been sourcing and using local materials, i.e. clays and rocks, to make domestic ware, both in the body and in the glaze.

Pottery has led me down a path of constant research and intrigue.  There are so many things I want to try; I know I’ll never get to do it all but I’m going to give it a good shot.