Annette Tranter

Annette Tranter works as a creative ceramic artist, tucked away on the hill behind the rainforest at the entrance to the town of Malanda.

Annette’s studio Bundarra Pottery, has a display of her works inspired by the natural environment and colours of the Tropical North. She has developed a range of functional and décor ware reflecting; the Rainforest, the Reef and the Outback.

Those who enjoy more individually and imaginatively crafted work, Annette’s sculptural creations are decorated with intricate carvings and painted designs all portraying the essence of our region. Annette uses fine quality stoneware clays and glazes fired to 1280oC. This produces pottery very durable and her tableware is safe for use in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and the freezer.

Bundarra Pottery a place to visit and see;

  • A working pottery,
  • Tableware
  • Garden art
  • Creative designs and sculptures
  • Pottery lessons and tuition
  • A wander through a Tropical Tableland garden

Annette uses the saying “We love visitors, there are no strangers at Bundarra Pottery, only friends we haven’t yet met”

Telephone: (07) 4096 6342