Trish Ogden

re-purposed - rescued - retrieved art from lost things - whimsical art

Trish has lived in the Kennedy area for many, many years. She spent a number of years working as a teacher's aid at Kennedy State School and the school grounds and building are still adorned by the many murals she assisted and inspired past students to create. Much of this work reflected the wildlife of the local area.

Her current work is created from an eclectic collection of re-purposed, rescued and retrieved items. Many from mechanical mechanisms, old typewriters and watches. These items are added to a  myriad of seemingly random jewels, chains and odds and ends to create cryptic and unique pieces of art.


Trish's "broken bits" Bouquets have adorned brides and bridesmaids as unique wedding bouquets and her  re-purposed and decorated journals are unusual and unique treasures.