Jessica Roelofs

Born in 1989 in Tully, QLD, Jessica knew from an early age that she wanted to create art. From the age of 8, she started drawing and several years later, painting as well.

As a, primarily self-taught, young artist, she sees each work as experimental, and is still learning how to express a personal message through art forms.

Drawing most of her inspiration from the beauty found in nature and the human face and form, Jessica works mainly in oils, pencils and pastels.  Recently, she has begun using lino printing and watercolour also.  Using more of a realist style, she hopes in the future to use her work to make people think.

Jessica has exhibited locally. In 2007, she won the ADFAS (Cairns) Portrait Prize for Secondary and Tertiary Students. She has also won several awards for her work through her high school. Currently, she is studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries through James Cook University.

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